Do you have a scale that’s been around since the turn of the 20th century and need an update? The thought to replace the scale can seem like a mental and financial drain on your assets. Fortunately, there is another option. Scale Conversions.


Hammel Scale offers the knowledge, products, and solutions to convert your old lever-based, or analog, truck scale or hopper scale into a 21st-century digital weighing system. We can help you convert almost anything to anything:


  • Mechanical to analog
  • Mechanical to digital
  • Analog to digital


Or perhaps you already have analog load cells and they’re working fine for you, but you would like your calibration processes to go more smoothly as if they were digital. We have solutions for you that can convert that analog signal in the J-box to a digital signal to the terminal. This would allow for a technician to calibrate the scale from the indicator rather than each J-box.

Truck Scales

Have an old lever system you that needs to be updated or is getting to costly to maintain? We can help you convert it to a digital system with PowerCell PDX™ load cells. Save time and money with keeping your deck and current foundation.


There could be something off or not working properly with your current lever system and you may not even know it. With new PowerCell PDX™ load cells, see if a problem ever occurs immediately when connected to the new IND780 terminal. With Trax EMT™ software, you can tell if a load cell is bad or if there is a connection error.


These new digital cells will also be able to compensate for factors like non-linearity and creep automatically, ensuring your weighments are accurate between calibrations.

Hopper Scale Conversions

Has your hopper scale been there longer than anyone at the plant? Is it like the above and have a lever system so complicated it’d seem like you’d need a 4 year education to understand it? No problem. Just like the truck scale conversions, we have plenty of options for these as well. Whether you’d like to keep your levers but send the signal to one analog load cell (lever-tronic), or replace all the levers with 3 or 4 load cells, it’s up to you.


Converting your old hopper’s lever system to an analog output to a terminal will eliminate the need for that old TRB fulcrum on the floor. It will allow operators to more easily and accurately open and release grain hopper chutes with an electronic indicator or remote display in front of them. Or, if you want to have both an indicator and TRB at the same time, you can!


Don’t delay, give us at Hammel Scale a call or request a quote below and see what we can do for you. There are always other options and we’re here to help you.

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