The scale industry is one of a kind. An often overlooked industry that holds the responsibility of managing the world’s economy.


Think about it. Every single thing around you had been weighed at some point. It can be batching of the liquid plastic that makes your computer monitor to the high precision counting functionalities of today’s counting scales to make sure all the components to the computer chips are there.


Even if at some point, raw material was never weighed, it was most likely shipped, shipped using weight to formulate a cost of shipping.  Not to mention our roads are even governed by weight. Trucks must make sure they are under weight when shipping and must weigh themselves on truck scales.


We’re even weighed all throughout our lives, even from birth.


Today’s world isn’t just weighing for weight, it’s weighing for:

And much more!

Career Opportunities

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Scale Technician

Scale Repair technician

Diagnose, repair, install, and calibrate industrial scale equipment from laboratory balances to large, truck scales.