MCi Kicker: Dockage Tester


Designed to provide a fast, accurate, and consistent way of obtaining separations from most grains such as:

    • Shrunken & broken
    • overs/scalped material
    • Clean grain
    • Broken kernals
    • Splits
    • Aspirated material
    • Dockage
    • FM


As well as greatly reducing hand picking of soybeans.
The MCi Kicker also makes sizing operations possible for:

    • Malt
    • Sunflowers
    • Food grains
    • Barley


The Kicker can perform these separations in approximately 30-45 seconds depending on the sample size.

MCI Kicker

•     Quiet


•     Cleaner Operation than the others


•     Easy access to all collection pans


•     Takes up less space than others


•     Can be placed next to walls or countertops


•     Ball cleaning sieves help eliminate removal and cleaning of the screens

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