Premium Weighing Platform PBK9

Designed for weighing applications that require reliable performance with the best accuracy available for a wide range of weighing capacities.

•     Highest Precision
Industry-leading performance with a resolution of up to 750,000d (30,000e)

•    Reliable Performance
Suitable for rugged, wet, and harsh environments due to robust construction and a sophisticated overload-protection design

•    Fast Throughput
Industry-leading stabilization times and fast data update rates for high-speed weighing processes

•    Automated Routine Testing
An integrated calibration weight ensures measurement accuracy over time

•    Easy Integration
Connect the platform via weighing terminal or directly into your process

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Premium Weighing Platform WMH-Ex

These platforms are designed for high-precision weighing in automated processes in potentially explosive environments.

•     Suitable for Hazardous Areas
Zone 1/21 and Division 1 approved

•    Reliable Precision
High resolution of up to 150,000d (15,000e)

•    Long Lifetime
Suitable for wet and harsh environments

•    Easy Integration
Efficient data transfer to process control units with standard communication protocols

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XP-K Comparators

XP-K comparators offer world-leading performance with an up to 6 million point resolution for excellent accuracy and short processing times.

•     High Resolution
up to 6 million points for peak accuracy

•    Draft Ring Protection
Performance in demanding environmental conditions

•    Ease of Use
WeighCom guides you through the weighing process

•    Quality Assurance
Integrated tools guard data and documentation

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X and X(ex) Weighing Platforms

Weighing platforms are designed for use in automated and manufacturing systems or as a reference balance in counting applications.

•    Flexible use
Easily integrated into existing networks

•    Easy Integration
For manufacturing line/dosing system installation

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