Accurate and reliable weighing in logistics or warehouse applications

•    Accurate
Accurate and reliable weighing, every time

•    Fit Your Requirements
A variety of floor platform to match your application’s requirements

•    Rugged Construction
Built for heavy industrial use

Stainless steel floor scales provide excellent weighing in wet, clean, and hygienic environments.

•    Ingress Protection
Immune to water, humidity, and wash-down

•    Hygienic Design
Fully compliant with your hygienic demands

•    Easy Clean
Easy-to-lift, open structure for easy cleaning

High Precision and rugged floor scales ensure high quality, effectiveness and compliance.

•    Precise in harsh applications
Rugged structure guarantees high precision and reliability, even under harsh conditions

•    Reliable Performance
Repeatable results for optimized production processes

•    Productive
Wide range, multi-interval features ensure complex processes are productive and cost effective

Heavy Capacity and Special Construction scales are tailored to different industries and unique applications for special purposes.

•    Rugged Construction
Built for heavy industrial and heavy capacity use in all industries

•    Expert Guidance
Benefit from our breadth of experience

•    Tailored for Your Needs
Customized to your unique applications

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