Basic applications require a reliable, easy to use weighing terminal, that require minimal operator training and system maintenance.

•     Rugged
Suitable for dry or washdown conditions

•     Reliable
Certified, accurate weighing results

•     Effective
Easy installation and use

•     Productive
Fast weighing results, easy to read HMI

Automation applications require a weighing terminal that is capable of integrating via fieldbus networks, industrial Ethernet and to control devices.

•     Connected
Integrate with automation fieldbus

•     Accurate
Vibration rejection filtering

•     Well-Managed
Software for filling, batching, and formulation

•     Integration
PLC sample code, multi-lingual interface

Advanced applications require a large graphical human machine interface (HMI), advanced data management and powerful software. Programmable terminals can be customized to meet unique needs.

•     Productive
Advanced HMI and multi-lingual capabilities

•     Powerful
Advanced checkweighing, counting, and filling

•     Flexible
Connect to multiple scales with one terminal

•     Connected
Integrate with automation and MES networks

•     Programmable
Software customization possible

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