Versatile scale family for greater efficiency and accurate results in industrial applications.

•     Easy and Fast Operation
Multi-function keypad and large LCD diplsay

•     Two Housing Options
For dry, wet, and hazardous environments

•     Mobile Operation
Internal rechargeable battery for mobile use

•     Performance-driven
Repeatable results for up to four scales

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For a broad variety of weighing applications and easy to use, the IND246 weighing terminal has application software providing productivity enhancing solutions.

•     High Performance User Interface
Graphic LCD display with backlight

•     Flexible
Software for most common weighing applications

•     Connectable
Multiple options including Ethernet, USB, Discrete I/O

•     Inbound/Outbound Vehicle Software
For simple vehicle weighing with easy transaction data export

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ICS4_5 Seires

ICS4_5 compact scale terminals speed up weighing processes with versatile connectivity options and a variety of user-friendly interfaces.

•     Flexible and Durable
Connectivity options, rugged aluminum housing

•     User Friendly
Intuitive interfaces enable basic weighing plus counting and checkweighing

•     Helpful Features
Prompts, keypads, totalizing, and other functions

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ICS4x9 Series

ICS4x9 scale terminals let you choose among configurations and capacities so your weigh scale and work station meets your individual requirements.

•     Fast and Precise
All you need for straight forward basic weighing

•     Simple to Operate
User friendly, intuitive interfaces

•     Rugged, Hygienic Construction
Meets the latest international standards

•     Tailored to Your Needs
Choose the right scale for you application

•     Seamless Data Integration
Easily connected with existing data systems

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