OIML M1-M3, Cast Iron

Economic approach for general industrial applications.

•     A Protection Tough as Nails
A two-component coating for toughest corrosion and mechanical abrasion resistance

•     Clear Weight Class Identification
Color codes are a fast and safe way to identify the weight class

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OIML M1, Stainless Steel

Designed for heavy duty operation within harsh conditions.

•     For Harsh Environments
These favorably price weights are perfect for frequent testing

•     Serialized
A serial number allows tracking and assignment of weights to weighing equipment.

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OIML F2, M1 Stainless Steel

Special design ensures safe stacking and flexible loadings.

•     Safe and Fast Stacking
Weights can be stacked safely as the rim allows proper centering

•     Unmatched Flexibility
Weight carriers can take as much as 8 x 20 kg, bringing the maximum load including carrier to 200 kg.

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OIML F1, Stainless Steel

Perfect to satisfy highest requirements in regulated industries.

•     Best Long-Term Stability
Forging process ensures best possible corrosion resistance

•     Safely Boxed and Protected
Weights are delivered in sturdy, stackable and lockable aluminum boxes.

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