High-grade stainless steel knob and wire weights for balance calibration purposes and reference usage for weight comparisons. (OIML E1, E2, F1)

•     Positive Tolerances Only
A far longer lifespan thanks to guaranteed positive tolerances

•     Lifetime Guarantee
Replaced free of charge if found out of assigned OIML tolerance

•     Vacuum Melted Steel – Highest Material Purity
No dissolved gases and improved oxide cleanliness

•     Electrolytic Polishing – Best Surface Smoothness
Enhanced properties produce unmatched stability

•     One-Piece Design
For improved mass stability

•     Made in Switzerland – Solid Name, Solid Products
Traditional manufacturing meets new technologies

Test weights and artifacts for specific needs such as nominal values in the microgram range, or weights shaped for specific applications.

•     Microgram Weights
For areas where milligram weights are no longer sufficient

•     Buoyancy and Volume Artifacts
For meeting specialized application needs

•     Silicon Spheres
As a reference for specialized volume measurement

•     Service Technician Weights
For sure and productive calibration processes

Stainless steel knob and sheet weights for routine testing to ensure reliable weighing processes. (OIML F1, F2, M1, and ASTM classes 1, 2, 3, and 4)

•     Cost Savings with CarePacs®
Buy only the recommended weights for routine testing

•     Time Savings with CarePacs®
Easy, rapid testing approach supported by SOPs

•     Safe Shipment and Protected Storage
Supplied in an FDA-compliant and easy-to-clean plastic box

•     Made Exclusively from Stainless Steel for Longevity
Excellent weight lifespan right down to the mg range

•     Two-piece Design
For optimized adjustment processes


WeightLink™ is an innovative weight identification system that guarantees full traceability of your balance tests.

•     Proven Traceability
Uses weights with unique IDs marked as a matrix code on the weight

•     Secure Balance Testing
Balance firmware validates certificate and weight data before starting balance test

•     Improved Productivity
Automatic transfer of weight parameters into balance firmware

•     Complete Reports
Enriched test printout means less manual recording

•     Easy Use
Balance firmware guides through the testing process

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