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Truck Scales for Over-the-Road Trucks

Truck scales for road-going vehicles available with a steel deck or concrete deck.

•     Strength
Proven structural designs for demanding applications

•     Longevity
Premium materials and manufacturing for lasting performance

•     Multiple Configurations
Choose full-length, multi-axle, or single-axle configurations

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Truck Scale Upgrades

Retrofit older scales by adding the latest weighing technology to eliminate problems and extend the life of your scale.

•     Increase Reliability
Eliminate the causes of frequent downtime and high repair costs

•     Protect Profitability
Solve hidden weighing errors that drain profit from transactions

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Truck Scale Management Software

Gain complete control of your weighing transaction data with vehicle scale management systems for productivity and profit gains.

•     Improve Business
Faster transactions, fewer errors, and better information

•     The Right Fit
Packages designed for businesses of all sizes

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Vehicle Scale Load Cells

Designed for truck scales and rail scales, advanced load cells increase weighing accuracy and reliability in demanding applications.

•     Premium Quality
Laser-welded stainless steel for uncompromising performance

•     Environmental Protections
Built to withstand the harshest environments on Earth

•     High Accuracy
Leading innovations in weighing technology

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Portable Truck Scales

Truck scales that are easy to move from one job site to another.

•     Quality Construction
Enjoy reliability and accuracy in a scale that can be relocated as needed

•     Smart Designs
Modular structures can be disassembled for transport

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Off-Road Weighbridges

Scales for weighing the larger and heavier trucks that are used for of road hauling.

•     Extreme Duty
Weigh up to 500t with unmatched POWERCELL performance

•     Rugged Construction
Handles massive loads and challenging environments year after year

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Vehicle Scale Terminals

From basic weighing to integrated control systems, the right scale terminal is ready to meet your needs.

•     Clear Information
Scale operators benefit from color screens, easy controls, and simple setup

•     Enhanced Integration
Connect to printers, remote displays, and weighing software to manage information

•     Improve Accessibility
Process weighing transactions at any time with unattended weighing terminals

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Vehicle Scale Additions

A full line of peripherals designed to increase the capabilities of your vehicle scale.

•     Improve Communications
Keep drivers informed with remote weight displays, printers, and more

•     Control Traffic
Automate traffic management with sensor equipment

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Combination Truck and Rail Scales

A section of rail for weighing rail cars combined with an integral concrete deck for weighing trucks.

•     Versatility
Meet multiple vehicle weighing needs in one scale to save space and money

•     Superior Strength
Built to handle the loading points of multiple vehicles

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Weigh in Motion Systems (WIM)

Several types of Weigh-in-Motion systems are available for use in the enforcement, monitoring, and analysis of vehicles on the road.

•     Efficient Enforcement
Identify vehicles for inspection without hindering traffic flow

•     Professional Controls
A combination of special hardware and software to manage in-motion weighing

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