SLP85xD Load Cells

SLP85xD is a digital, single point, strain gauge load cell, which is specifically designed to address the needs of dynamic weighing applications.

•     Compact

•     Robust

•     Easy-to-Clean

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WKC High Precision Weigh Modules

WKC Weigh modules offer a compact and cost-effective solution for on-board weighing in automated applications where high resolution is needed.

•     Compact

•     High Resolution

•     Internal Adjustment

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WMF High Precision Weigh Modules

WMF modules with their slim and compact design are tailored for multi-line automation networks which are directly connected to control systems.

•     Compact

•    Industrial Ethernet

•    Internal Adjustment

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WMS High Precision Weigh Modules

WMS weigh modules, with their compact design and high precision, can save space in the machine and maximize throughput in production and quality control.

•     High Resolution
Up to 4 million points

•    Washdown Protection
IP66 for cleaning

•    Robust
Overload protection against vertical and side loads

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WX High Precision Weigh Modules

High resolution analytical balance for automated processes in industrial environments.

•     Readability
1 μg – 0.1 mg

•     Capacity
21 g – 220 g

•     Integrated Calibration Weights

•    Stainless Steel Housing/Powder Coated

•    Ready for Customized Weighing Pans

•    Easy to Clean with Fluids

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WMC Ultra-Compact High Precision Weigh Module

WMC weigh modules, with their slim and compact design and very short setting time, can save space in the machine and dramatically increase throughput in production.

•     Smallest Footprint
Cubic design with only 1 inch/25 millimeter width

•     Shortest Setting Time 
Direct force comparison and small mass enable shortest setting time and more immunity against vibrations

•     Washdown Protection
Washdown head accessory provides enhanced IP rating, making it possible to place the weigh module in dusty and wet environments

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Compact solution for integration into machines or instruments with an industry-leading accuracy.

•     Readability
0.02 g – 0.1 g

•    Capacity
15 kg, 32 kg, and 64 kg

•    Integrated Calibration Weight

•    IP66/67
Stainless Steel

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WKR/WKL Precision Weigh Kit

Ultra-compact high precision weigh module. For integration in weighing applications where installation space is rare.

•     Readability
0.01 mg – 0.1 mg

•     Capacity
11 g – 21 g

•     Very Small in Size

•     Stainless Steel

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