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See a Problem Before it Happens with TraxEMT™

How many times have you known something was wrong your scale, but not what was causing the issue?


All you knew was that your typical weighments were not weighing the same. So you do what you should, you call your service provider to come take a look and see if there is an issue.


The test truck shows up and the service team begins to inspect the physical surroundings of weigh module prior to dropping the test cart and the test weights.


From here, they will test each individual section and load cell to see if there is a discrepancy. This process can take hours, especially if an error is spotted, and results in much unwanted downtime. Sound familiar?


Now imagine a regular day, trucks are coming in and out of your facility, then, your scale operator receives a message on their IND780 terminal, “Err Load Cell 6”. You call your service provider and tell them the error message you see on the screen.


Once they assure you that your scale is still functioning properly, they make their way out there and go right to cell 6 and inspect it.


Almost sounds science fiction, doesn’t it?


Well it isn’t anymore, with TraxEMT™ (Embedded Maintenance Technician) integrated into the IND780, PowerCell™ PDX™, and PowerMount™ load cells.


Preventative Maintenance

TraxEMT™ is a software that comes standard with IND780 terminals. It is a preventative maintenance and diagnostics system that tells you when a load cell has been compromised, which can consist of:

  • Depressurized container
  • Disconnected cable
  • Damaged cell or cabling


If an error occurs, an email SMS message can be sent to a phone, email address, or an on screen prompt, ensuring that issues are corrected immediately and effectively.


Predictive Failure Analysis

The software also has Predictive Failure Analysis. This allows the cells to compensate for three main factors that can result in inaccurate weighments, yielding you the highest savings.

  • Load Cell Zero Drift
  • Load Cell Over Range
  • Asymmetrical Load Distribution


This allows the load cells to compensate for these errors as soon as they arise.



With the TraxEMT™ Runflat algorithm, not even a dead load cell can stop you from completing your weighments.  The embedded Runflat algorithm adjusts for any largely inaccurate readings a non-responsive load cell is displaying, and distributes the work to the rest of the load cells.


Take it from this testimonial:


‘Runflat saved my day’.
‘While we were adding component 3, we were alarmed that one of the 4 weigh modules of our stirred reactor had failed. We found later that it had been hit accidentally by a pallet truck that same day. We immediately triggered the Run Flat function and could finish and save our batch’.


The IND780 with TraxEMT™ embedded software can save you time and money by not only saving on service costs, but also not having to deal with unnecessary downtime in production and transportation when connected to PDX™ or PowerMount™ load cells.


Hammel Scale has all the solutions for you to maintain maximum upkeep and the tools to protect your bottom line. Give us a call now for a free quote, or download the whitepaper below to learn more.

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